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Cruciferous Vegetables

The link between cruciferous vegetables.

It was only when trying to find the link between cruciferous vegetables and their health benefits was it discovered that broccoli sprouts were particularly special, what was discovered by the Johns Hopkins university was that cruciferous vegetable's such as Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Brussels sprouts and Cabbage all produced a compound known as Sulforaphane.

To date over 3000+ published studies have been done using Sulforaphane.


Plants defence mechanism.

Sulforaphane is a tiny molecule which is found in cruciferous vegetables with the most potent source coming from broccoli sprouts, it is known in the scientific community as an Isothiocyanate (Iso-thio-cyan-ate), Sulforaphane's purpose is now known by smart design to protect cruciferous vegetables from been eaten by insects whilst they grow.

Sulforaphane does not exist on its own though as it has to be created, this is done by two enzymes the precursors to sulforaphane mixing together when the plant is chewed by its predators.


These two enzymes both important in their own right's are known as Myrosinase and Glucoraphanin.

Modern Science

The tiny molecule doing big things.

It is well documented and backed by science that cruciferous vegetables are extremely good for us, and that our bodies require the nutrients and phytonutrients that they provide to function properly.

Unfortunately statistics tell us that 99% of the population both in Australia and America are not consuming the recommended 5+ serves of vegetables per day resulting in many illnesses that may have been easily prevented if done so.

Whilst we believe broccoli sprouts are important to been apart of the solution this only because of the sheer volume of scientific research they have been subjected too.

Published Studies

Links to some Published Studies

This study was conducted in China on a number of people by administering a broccoli sprout beverage.

This study was conducted in Australia by The University of Queensland

This study was conducted by the University of Pittsburgh and the Johns Hopkins University 

This study was conducted in Australia. 

This study was conducted by the Johns Hopkins University, University of Pittsburgh, Qidong Liver Cancer Institute

This study was conducted in Mexico by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

This Study ws conducted by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, Kennedy Krieger Institute

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